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Main road Outskirts Outskirts Parasol Source Dovecote Sunset View to south in autumn Village Square Village Square View from south View from east View from east View from the west Entrance gallery Entrance gallery Entrance gallery Gallery Gallery Stairs Kitchen Kitchen Detail oven Kitchen Oven 'SOLITAIR' Pre-rinse spray 'SYSTEMA' Stairs Dining room Stairs Dining room Living / dining room Dining room Dining room Dining room Dining room Stairs Stairs Detail stairs Dining room / living Living Living Living Shower Bathroom Washbasin 'Happy D' Bedroom Bedroom Bedroom Lamp 'P' Bullerjan Detail lamp 'E' Detail stairs Lamp 'E' Lamp 'P' Terrace Bellevue Schadow terrace Terrace and grotto Terrace by night Outbuilding Court / entrance Garden Bellevue Terrace Court / entrance Gourmet Oleander Cactus Flowers View from outbuilding Small palm trees Court / entrance Grotto Entrance / barn