In this house dividers, partitions and doors were avoided as far as possible to create extensive open areas which are perceived as a single unit. Therefore this house doesn't have closed rooms.

The upper level includes the kitchen and the entrance with gallery.

Entrance gallery Entrance gallery Gallery Gallery Kitchen Kitchen

That level is at the height of the village square.
The gallery is accessible by both the village square and the main entrance.

The dining room, the living room, the bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and the bathroom are located on the lower level.

Dining room Dining room Dining room Dining room Dining room Living / dining room Living Living Dining room / living Living Shower Bathroom Washbasin 'Happy D' Bedroom Bedroom Bedroom

That level is at the height of the terrace and about 3m below the upper level.
Furthermore there is a storage room and a seperate WC.

Three directly adjoining terraces on the south side extend the inner zone by an additional external active area of about 90m², if the weather is nice.

Terrace Bellevue Schadow terrace Terrace and grotto

The entire interior is open to the roof inside.
The result is a room height between 4.5 and 6.0m.

This large ceiling height, solid masonry, double glazing and insulation lead to a pleasant feel-good climate in summer and in winter.

The installation interior is of superior quality.

Only quality products - most with design prizes - built by leading manufacturers were installed.
Some furniture and lamps are unique pieces. They have been specially designed and produced for this house.

Kitchen Lamp 'P' Bullerjan Kitchen Detail lamp 'E' Detail oven Stairs Stairs Stairs Stairs Detail stairs Detail stairs Lamp 'E' Bullerjan Lamp 'E' Lamp 'P' Oven 'SOLITAIR' Pre-rinse spray 'SYSTEMA'